Former “Colonia di Solotti”

Restoring a fragment of local history surrounded by greenery.

The restoration works at the former Colonia di Solotti in Nuoro, surrounded by Mount Ortobene’s valuable natural environment, consist of renovating two abandoned buildings formerly included in the municipal summer camp, in order to create an International Centre for Mediterranean Environment Studies.

The project falls within the goals of the agreement between the Municipality of Nuoro and the Autonomous Region of Sardinia signed in October 2002, which stated a broader and more extensive programme for the protection and the valorisation of Mount Ortobene’s ecosystem.

In the central body were built classrooms and computer laboratories for cartography and for the management of satellite images and GIS data, whereas the building at the site entrance was converted into an administrative block with offices.

The construction works were carried out on time and on budget, implementing appropriate operational strategies to minimise the impact on the landscape and on the delicate ecosystem of Mount Ortobene.


  • 2009 - 2012


  • Nuoro, Sardinia


  • Municipality of Nuoro


  • Works supervision, coordination for safety and health matters, final verification of expenditures and works


  • Luca Mereu and Michele Ciusa, Alberto Licheri, Ignazio Poggiu, Roberta Ciusa