Lanthia +

A new green approach is the core of Lanthia Resort’s extension

The project involves the construction of a new building complex surrounded by a large park and functionally linked to Lanthia Resort. The complex includes seventeen units (suites and apartments) and a service building.

The new buildings integrate into the landscape and eco-friendly construction technologies preserved the natural conditions of the site.

The design was conceived starting from the park configuration, then the structures were added, thus inverting the traditional process. The guiding concept of the project is topographical architecture. The land’s ripples and rises encompass the new units, which are inserted into faults, folds and cracks in the ground, like artificial grafts adapting to nature.


  • Santa Maria Navarrese (municipality of Baunei), Sardinia


  • 2017 - 2021


  • Me.De.As. S.r.L.


  • Master planning


  • Luca Mereu


  • Salvatore Sannio (MEP, structure), Alberto Licheri (FSE, coordination for safety and health matters), Renato Brotzu (natural environment analysis), Matteo Cara (geographical landscape analysis), Antonello Foddis (geologist), Denise Leoni (interior design), Sabina Era (graphic design)