Pratzas de Janas

A project about the historical centre of Nuoro turns into an opportunity to explore local culture

The project “Polis – Progetto di qualità – Gli itinerari della cultura – Pratzas de Janas” includes seventeen actions of urban renewal and architectural restoration along four thematic routes that wind through the historical centre of Nuoro: the route of visual arts, the route of literature, the route of handicraft and folklore, and the route of landscape excellence.

The works were carried out under the supervision of the Soprintendenza dei Beni Architettonici e Paesaggistici della Sardegna and completed in 2012.

The project has a remarkable historical and cultural value because of both the context and the different but simultaneous actions. These set a benchmark for the debate about the historical centre as a unitary monument. For example, building restoration works confirmed the existence of older constructions that were modified over time according to the needs and financial availability of the moment. The stratigraphy of bearing walls revealed that additions and alterations were usually made with readily available or recycled materials, poor at times and very heterogeneous. The works on squares and streets helped to define the ancient paving techniques used for the historical centre of Nuoro and to learn how materials – mostly small stone blocks, granite slabs and cobblestones – were used and arranged.

Although the project did not include the restoration of monuments or works of art, the decision to take it on following the principles of scientific and philological restoration, patiently considering the pre-existing artefact and its materials, was definitely helpful for understanding, preserving and handing over such valuable historical evidence.


  • 2010 - 2012


  • Nuoro, Sardinia


  • Municipality of Nuoro


  • Works supervision, coordination for safety and health matters, final verification of expenditures and works


  • Luca Mereu and Michele Ciusa, Alberto Licheri, Ignazio Poggiu, Mattioli Associati, Massimiliano Cao, Roberta Ciusa