Luca Mereu Architecture is an architecture firm established in 2002 by architect Luca Mereu. It is based in Treviso and Nuoro and carries out architectural and design projects.

In some way, spaces reflect the personality of their inhabitants. This awareness is at the basis of every architectural project, and the task of the architect is to interpret the client’s ideas and personality and to translate them into their most functional and interesting material form.

Our firm’s distinctive feature is the marked sensitivity towards the working site context, regardless of its level of anthropization (historical town centres and urban areas as well as natural and rural environments).

Our working method involves a detailed multidisciplinary analysis that highlights the difficulties and the assets of the site.

This ‘sensitive’ approach requires a preliminary phase of context study, research and data examination.

The final product results from the collaboration with professionals in different fields, who join our team depending on the complexity of the project.


The work of Luca Mereu is constantly feeding off the solid link with his land, Sardinia.

An intense region, still wild, still authentic, that has always led him to investigate man’s relationship with nature, to explore traditions, and to be heedful of ancient history.

Aesthetically speaking, this translates into a constant devotion to simple forms and materials.

The special influence of Japan – its values and the idea of pure beauty – also shows in the projects of architect Luca Mereu, who had the opportunity to visit Japan and to study various aspects of its culture.

In some ways, the Sardinian and Japanese cultures interact in his work, giving rise to a brand-new idea of architecture and design.


Luca Mereu was born in Nuoro in 1972, attended the Liceo Classico there and was awarded the AFS-Intercultura Scholarship, which allowed him to spend a school year at Kita High School in Utsunomiya, Japan. In 1998, he graduated in Architecture at the Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia (IUAV, Venice University Institute of Architecture).

He began his professional training in Venice at Studio Associato Regnault de la Mothe and at Lombardi e Associati.

He then moved to New York City, where he collaborated with Zaretsky Architects.

In 2002, he returned to Italy and devoted himself to establishing Luca Mereu Architecture; right from the outset, the firm received commissions from public and private clients, also in collaboration with other professionals, including Mattioli Associati and Mate Engineering.

Luca Mereu is currently involved in the coordination of new building projects and the restoration, reuse and rehabilitation of existing public and private buildings, also of historical monumental value.

Along with his professional commitment, Luca Mereu carries out research in contemporary architecture.


Lanthia Resort


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Pratzas de Janas


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