Tancau – Lotzorai Competition

Urban redevelopment and enhancement of public spaces.

The project, winner of the ideas competition announced by the Municipality of Lotzorai (Province of Nuoro, Sardinia) for the redevelopment and enhancement of the public spaces in the Tancau village, offers a significant opportunity to reconsider not only the areas covered by the competition, but also the entire urban system of the village, with particular reference to its connection with the coastal area.

The proposal arising from urban and architectural design is therefore to be understood both in the strictly physical terms of spatial reconfiguration, and in the broader terms of structuring new cultural, social, and economic relationships, with the aim of creating a “strong” image for Tancau that can contribute to its socio-economic revitalization.

For this reason, the project aims to address the current issues dictated by the functional program through a solution that simultaneously projects the symbolic value of public space as the heart of the local community, along with an interpretation of the history and culture of the area that allows the image to be deeply rooted in a representation of collective and identity memory.


  • Lotzorai (NU), Sardinia


  • 2023


  • Municipality of Lotzorai


  • Design Competition - First Prize


  • Luca Mereu with Alberto Licheri, Giampaolo Scifo; collaborators: Federico Cortes, Federica Melis, Tommaso Gatti