A sophisticated restoration in the Sardinian countryside.

The project involves the restoration of a historic rural building dating back to the early 20th century, located in the countryside of Ogliastra, in central-eastern Sardinia.

The aim is to restore the building, which is currently in a state of serious deterioration, for future use as a tourist-accommodation facility.

The design concept drew inspiration from the local building tradition, serving as a reference for both the treatment of the external facades and the interior spaces’ arrangement.

From a technical standpoint, the restoration includes the use of recycled materials for the parts that need reintegration and the implementation of eco-friendly materials for new construction elements. The technologies employed for the new structures, such as walls, floors, and roofs, are mostly modeled on traditional local building systems to ensure the highest level of compatibility possible with the existing structure.

The building’s interiors are furnished with simple, contemporary-designed furniture, crafted from materials that pay homage to Sardinian tradition.


  • Sardinia


  • 2017 - in progress


  • Privato


  • Definitive project and working drawings, works supervision, furniture design


  • Luca Mereu; collaborators: Federico Cortes, Federica Melis, Tommaso Gatti