Felix Galanias Hotel & Retreat

A restyling project in respect of the original characteristics.

The Felix Galanias Hotel & Retreat is located near the coast of Bari Sardo, in central-eastern Sardinia.

The assignment, entrusted by the new hotel ownership, involves a comprehensive restyling of the structure and the addition of some rooms, created from a previously unused space.

The restyling, necessary to bring the property in line with operational standards and the overall image of the new management, includes the redesign of outdoor spaces, reconfiguration of common areas, and refurbishment of rooms and bathrooms.

In addition to the new rooms, the expansion also features a large infinity pool, occupying the central courtyard of the unit block located to the north of the complex.

The architectural language used in the new design, while distinctly contemporary, blends with the hotel’s original image, resulting in a harmonious and integrated complex within the landscape.


  • Bari Sardo, Sardinia


  • 2022 - in progress


  • Felix Hotels S.r.l.


  • Definitive project and working drawings, artistic consultancy, furniture design


  • Luca Mereu; collaborators: Federico Cortes, Federica Melis, Tommaso Gatti