House T

An idyllic retreat in the Sardinian countryside

The working site is in an agricultural area of Ogliastra.

The house is part of a wider project that includes the agricultural outbuildings and, in the future, hospitality facilities. The single-storey courtyard-like layout reinterprets traditional local architecture.

Outside, fair face stone cladding alternates with lime plaster and becomes the unifying feature of the elevations. Inside, the limestone slab flooring in the common areas alternates with resin flooring in the private ones. The lime plaster on the interior walls brings out the exposed wooden structure of the roofs.

In line with the marked environmental awareness of the client, ancient techniques for passive climate control combine with the latest energy-saving technologies and make the building a model of green architecture.


  • Sardinia


  • 2019 - in progress


  • Definitive project and working drawings, works supervision


  • Private


  • Luca Mereu with Mate Engineering


  • Denise Leoni (interior design), Luca Gallisai (structure), Paolo Piga (MEP), Nicoletta Matteazzi (landscaping), Teresa Cossu (geology), Alberto Licheri (coordination for safety and health matters), Pietro Pasella (final stability inspection)