Villaputzu New School Competition

New Primary and Lower Secondary School (Elementary and Middle School).

The project for the new primary and lower secondary school in Villaputzu (Province of South Sardinia, Sardinia) ranked fourth in the two-phase competition organized by the Ministry of Education and aimed at acquiring innovative design proposals for the construction of architecturally, structurally, and plant engineering innovative buildings, with funding from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The design proposal represents the final synthesis of a process of study and in-depth analysis that has addressed both aspects related to the meaning of school within the diverse socio-cultural dynamics of today, and aspects related to the functional program, which is particularly complex and articulated, without neglecting the pursuit of aesthetic objectives with an appropriate contemporary architectural language.

The strategy for the location of the new building is influenced by its relationship with the surrounding urban pattern, with solar exposure, and the arrangement of existing trees (to be preserved intact), allowing for the integration of all functions of the program developed by the Client.

The topic of environmental sustainability is one of the main objectives of the project. Indeed, it is provided the use of eco-friendly materials with low environmental impact and of natural origin, sourced locally or recycled. Low-tech solutions that passively address the main issues related to the plant engineering are favored.


  • Tertenia (NU), Sardinia


  • 2022


  • Ministry of Education


  • Two-stage design competition
  • Fourth prize


  • Luca Mereu with Mate Engineering, Alberto Licheri; collaborators: Federico Cortes, Federica Melis, Silvia Serra