Nuoro High School Competition

Renovation and energy efficiency.

The project was the winner of the two-grade competition announced by the Province of Nuoro as part of an overall programme that, thanks to PNRR funds, involved a number of high schools throughout the province.

The theme of the intervention on the Scientific High School Enrico Fermi in Nuoro mainly concerned energy efficiency, abandonment of fossil fuels and reduction of the school’s consumption and polluting emissions, in line with the objectives of the PNRR, the ESF and the 2030 Climate Energy Plan, as well as in line with the dictates of ‘Green Public Procurement’.

Further interventions concerned the issues of increasing the safety, inclusiveness and accessibility of the buildings, the development of green areas and the general improvement of the quality of the school complex, both in the area of technical-functional characteristics and in the area of aesthetic characteristics.


  • Nuoro, Sardinia


  • 2023


  • Province of Nuoro


  • Two-stage design competition
  • First prize


  • Luca Mereu with Alberto Licheri, Marco Sarria, Giampaolo Scifo; collaborators: Federico Cortes, Federica Melis, Tommaso Gatti