“Irori” Dependance

Japanese memories resurface in a USA project

The project concerns the extension of a house in Upstate New York whose owners are of Japanese origin. Keeping faith with their roots, the outbuilding was designed including the reinterpretation of some typical elements of traditional Japanese architecture, irori and hibachi in particular. Irori is a kind of hearth placed at the centre of the living room in traditional houses, and hibachi is the typical grill or charcoal barbecue of traditional Japanese cuisine. The project features a large gable roof that recalls traditional Japanese roofs and those of US rural houses.

The wooden structure was shifted inwards, and the interior is circumscribed by large sliding patio doors, in order to foster an unbroken harmony between the inside and the outside. An irori with a Western twist is at the centre of the interior space and allows family and friends to set up various types of convivial events.


  • Phoenicia, New York, USA


  • 2012 - 2013


  • Private


  • Preliminary and definitive project


  • Luca Mereu