Via Quilici

A route through the history of Santa Maria Navarrese

Via Quilici is the oldest street of the most ancient urban center in Santa Maria Navarrese.

The project aimed to catch and read signs and traces left by decades of history, then to interpret them and give them a contemporary form, with a twofold intent. Firstly, to recover the past and give all citizens the opportunity to revitalise their cultural identity. Secondly, to create a set of structures, also for touristic purposes, and the thus deriving stable and sustainable economic resources.

Collective memory is based also on places like this, daily backgrounds of events that make up the history of a territory.


  • 2010 - 2014


  • Santa Maria Navarrese (Municipality of Baunei), Sardinia


  • Municipality of Baunei


  • Definitive project and working drawings, works supervision


  • Luca Mereu


  • Mattioli Associati (master planning)