House C

Smart strategies for a low-impact building

The project area is elongated, with a rather pronounced slope, and fronts the coastline.

The remarkable view redeems a rather shoddy urban building context.

The three levels of the building are vertically offset to adapt to the land conformation. The roofs of the lower storeys act as floors and gardens for the upper ones, ensuring the lowest possible impact on the land. From the outside, only the main fronts are visible, with their large panoramic windows bounded by partitions covered in local stone.

A play of contrasts between the dark grey basalt floor and the neutral colours of walls, fabrics and furniture animates the interior, and some design articles complete the overall arrangement.


  • Sardinia


  • 2020 - in progress


  • Definitive project and working drawings, works supervision


  • Private


  • Luca Mereu with Mate Engineering